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Evertrinity Holding Inc.

Imagination | Devlopment | Innovation 

Glass Buildings


​The entire management team is dedicated to creating a beautiful future-styled living space for seniors.  


Chairman of the Board

Budbill Chan

Chairman of the board of directors of Evertrinity Holding Inc, chief strategy designer. One of the founders of Eternal Wealthology. Graduated from the Department of Economics of Sun Yat-sen University in 1989, he has served as the commander-in-chief of the Rogers Global Investment and Financing Top Forum, the Secretary-General of the China Enterprise Listing Federation, the Fifth Found honorary chairman and the head of the Qifu Teachers Forum. The research results of Eternal Wealthology created are supported by the United Nations inscription: Since the creation of the celebrity world real estate company in 1992, there have been 28 years of wonderful experience and research of Eternal Wealthology and technology integration in real estate business. Hope that through Evertrinity Holding Inc, more people can master eternal wealth learning technology. Wonderful life: Committed to the concept design of wealth education, and hope to make your life richer, more exciting, and longer, to permanently contribute value to our shareholders and customers To make the world more exciting


Honor Chairman of  the Board

Yaqi Jiang

 Mrs. Jiang received her Master's degree in Public Media at the University of Southern California. Upon her graduation, she joins her family corporation to manage real estate development in Hong Kong SAR, Australia, The United States of America, the United Kingdom and Canada. She is the Chairman of the Board in Hong Kong Kowloon Development Project, which is the most expensive real estate development project in the world. She is the Chairman of the Board of Hong Kong Impression Group (Hong Kong Jiangshi Group Co., Ltd.)


Honor Chariman of the Board

Kay Fung

Dr. Kay Fung is the Honor Chairman of the Board for Evertrinity Holding Inc. Dr Kay Fung received his Master's and Ph.D. degrees in business administration at Queen's University Belfast. He later became the head coach of Hong Kong's memory team. He is a registered business consutant and certified financial planner in China. 

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Board of Director, Cheif Financial Officer

Anthony Lyons

Anthony Lyons is the CFO of Evertrinity Holding Inc. He has more than 20 years of experience serving as CFO and Chief Accountant in listed companies in North America. He holds certificates in Finance and Accounting including CPA and CMA. 


Board of Director, Chief Technology Officer

Shaofeng Kang

Shaofeng Kang is the CTO of Evertrinity Holding Inc. He has years of experience in Fintech Modelling, AI research and investment, full-stack development, and cybersecurity. Before joining Evertrinity Holding Inc, Shaofeng has served as an investment advisor in tech industry for many companies in China. 


Secretary of the Chairman

Peter Lin

Peter Lin has years of experience in investment and real estate investment management. He is the regional representative of Transglobal Financial Service ltd. He has been a financial planner for many global high assets family. He was also the founder of the Taiwan Leader Academy Business Platform. He is the investor of North American Highway Charity Construction and Development and the special assistant of the North American Royal Noble Castle Group. He is also the founding shareholder of the 168 Happy Life Longevity Club. 

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